Another elder care option — Private Adult Care Homes

According to our senior living advisors, the holidays are a time of year when adult children visit their aging parents and loved ones and often discover that there has been a significant decline in their loved one’s ability to live independently.

While there are various senior care services available, there is one particular option I’d like to tell you about that is not well known but is slowly gaining in popularity in communities all across the country. They are called Private Adult Care Homes, which are owned by individuals who may or may not have formal medical training, but provide custodial care in a “home like” setting.

These community care homes have 3 to 4 residents who live together with the home owner’s family, and they have been a blessing to many of our clients. But, as with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to weigh during your long-term care decision.


  • The caregiver-to-resident ratio is much better than what a resident usually experiences in a licensed assisted living or nursing home facility.
  • The cost of elder care is usually comparable and sometimes less than what a resident would pay in a licensed assisted living and nursing home.
  • A resident can age in place until end of life.


  • Community care homes are not licensed by the state and not subject to inspections.
  • There can be a lack of formal activities and elder care services available for your loved one to participate in.
  • Care homes are not usually equipped to manage significant behavioral issues related to dementia, such as exit seeking or other psychiatric issues.

As the explosion of our aging population places heavier demands on the senior housing and long-term care industry, say our senior living advisors, community care homes are becoming a nice option for families.

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