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Quick access to quality assistance from the comfort of your home!

Six out of 10 son or daughter caregivers live more than an hour away from Mom or Dad. For many of our clients, the son or daughter lives out of state! This distance adds an extreme mental and physical burden on the caregiver – and that is the burden Care Connect Direct has successfully reduced for thousands of families across the U.S.

Taking care of Mom or Dad from a distance makes it very difficult to coordinate elder care services and share important information. Getting it wrong could cause serious financial problems to all involved, and even worse, could have Mom or Dad living in a less-than-desirable care facility.

One thing is for sure. The health care and senior care services industry is exploding in growth with many companies looking to hit it rich quick. These are the folks you need to stay clear of, as once you’re committed, it’s a slippery slope to get off.

Distance caring also adds other burdens, such as:

  • Missing time from work to get assistance with your parents’ care.
  • Convincing siblings that YOU really need some additional assistance in caring for Mom and Dad.
  • Not seeing Mom or Dad often enough to identify rapid decreases in their physical or mental abilities, which could cause them harm (and can be avoided).
  • Not knowing if you’re getting reputable advice or choosing the correct assisted living facility, nursing home, or private care home.

With Care Connect Direct, you get expert advice and services from senior care advisors who have served families for decades – and have built an outstanding reputation from clients BY NAME.

Although we are headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we are only a click or call away from anyone nationwide who needs advice and assistance to help care for Mom or Dad – and we can start IMMEDIATELY on helping you.

Our experts have helped thousands of families wade through the maze of Elder Care options and find the right solutions.

Before you commit to something expensive and unfamiliar, we hope you’ll contact our professionals for an affordable virtual consultation by email or online chat.

“Sometimes all our families need is quality information, education, and a bit of mediation to set them on the right path,” says Care Connect Direct CEO Christina Drumm-Boyd.

Our knowledge and experience in Elder Case Services is extensive. Please visit our Services page to see how we may be able to help you.

Meet Christina Drumm-Boyd, Founder - Care Connect Direct

I founded Care Connect Direct specifically to address the growing and specialized needs of the aging population nationwide.

My passion for senior advocacy and care management stems from my years of work within the local senior health care industry serving as director of admissions and marketing for assisted living, nursing homes, memory care, and independent living communities as well as my educational training in Human Services Counseling.

At CCD we have created a virtual way to address the needs of the aging population. Most often, we are contacted by the adult child who has a concern for their senior loved one and I hear the relief in their voice when I can tell them, with confidence, that everything is going to be all right. We truly can put all the pieces of the puzzle together for them.”

Christina Drumm-Boyd