Billy Marshall – Norfolk / Pennsylvania

Below is a heart-warming email we received from Billy Marshall of Pennsylvania, whose mother we provided senior care services for, which included:

  • Assistance with applying for and obtaining VA Aid and Attendance Pension benefit
  • Monthly case management for her. This is where a member of our senior care staff makes unannounced, periodic visits to ensure that the quality of care is maintained.
  • We established a relationship with the client and the responsible party and we report back to the responsible party regularly. We were able to share photos of their loved one and describe their activities as well as any areas of concern.
  • Our staff was available if there were any emergencies or hospitalizations.

We thank Billy for allowing us to share it with you, and we hope that if you find yourself in a “period of darkness” you will call on us for help.

“Thank you so much for your help and senior care services over the past year. Your assistance and genuine care guided me through a real period of darkness when I didn’t know which way to turn. There’s no way I would have been able to work through much of it on my own.66

“Laura, one last big ‘thank you’, and a hug for being kind to Mom. I believed she loved your visits – I don’t think that part ever left her – and in her own way looked forward to them, and your attention to her. Your service was one real blessing in the final year of a sweet, foolish, ultimately very good old woman and I can’t thank both of you enough for that, and more.”

Billy Marshall